B2B content marketing that lights a fire.


We are RedSprout Media.

We work with B2B companies that desperately want more from their marketing. We don’t like to use the term ‘experts’, because nobody likes a smart arse, but we understand the psychology behind B2B marketing and how best to speak to your customers. As a team, we breathe new life into your brand with marketing that lights a fire. 

Our Values


We’re adventurous and love exploring new ways of doing things. We’ll question everything and challenge your thinking.


We’re ambitious, and we’ll do whatever it takes to reach our goals. Our work excites us and we move quickly to get sh*t done.


We’re here to make friends! We want to inspire you, encourage you to be brave and help you tell your brand’s story.


Fancy a chat?

If you’re looking for a fresh approach to your B2B marketing, give us a ring. Or an email. Or a LinkedIn message. Or a carrier pigeon.