5 reasons RedSprout Media is a terrible place to work

Ever wondered what it’s like working at RedSprout Media?

If you’ve known about us for a while, you’ll know we’re never afraid to show the real us.

So, here you go: five reasons why RedSprout Media is a terrible place to work…

1. Things are always changing

We get over-excited sometimes and think something is a great idea, only to go off it the next day… after we’ve spent an hour planning it, an hour filming it, and two hours editing it.

If you have an emotional attachment to your work, it can be frustrating when the idea gets scrapped. It’s all part of the process though; experimenting leads to innovation! And how many experiments actually get the go-ahead?! 

2. We get into ‘heated debates’

A difference in opinion is healthy right? We encourage everyone to disagree with each other and voice their opinion, provided it’s constructive.

BUT if you have a sensitive ego, you’ll struggle with this. We will always go with the best idea, whoever it belongs to, regardless of position or role within the project. Everyone will always have their voice heard, but the best idea wins.

3. We’re a work in progress

Can you believe we’ve only been operating for a year and a half? We’re basically a baby.

We’ve grown quickly, but fast growth has meant developing processes has always been at the bottom of our priorities. You’ll need to be patient with us while we figure things out.

4. We don’t do normal working hours

We’ve recently switched to a work anywhere, anytime policy. This means you will receive emails at weird times and Zoom backgrounds will often be questionable. 

5. Our co-founders know the least

Mark’s been running businesses for 25+ years and Liv has had a career in marketing, but when it comes to social media analytics, campaign execution, email workflows etc, they haven’t got a scooby.

Fortunately, we have a brilliant team around us who are incredible at video, creative, social, strategy, digital… and they’ve set the bar high for new employees.

Fancy a chat?

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