5 Reasons Why Your Business Should be on TikTok

We’ve all heard of TikTok.

If you haven’t, it’s time to crawl out from under that rock buddy. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and TikTok is king.

The rock dwellers among us may be asking- what exactly is TikTok?

And how can we twist it for our own deep, dark, and twisted (commercial) desires?

The Platform, the Pyth, the Plegend…

TikTok, the app previously known as Musically, is a video sharing platform.

Originally, the app was marketed as a 2018 Gen Z love letter to Vine (may it rest in peace). Videos were capped at a 15 second time limit which meant that you had a very short amount of time to convince viewers that you were worth following.

Four years on, the app has skyrocketed in popularity, with an estimated one billion active monthly users worldwide by the start of 2021.

The time limit on videos has now been extended, with many young people turning to TikTok’s bite sized videos over YouTube’s longer form content.

But oh, so talented RedSprout writer, as a business owner, what’s so special about this app?

Iphone with Tiktok app

1. It’s quite literally made for businesses (amongst other stuff)

Did you know that TikTok actually offer multiple different accounts?

With the option to choose between a creator, viewer, and business account, the app has truly thought of everything.

The business account is a no-brainer for companies big and small, providing you with a plethora of tools to build your brand in-app. You’ll be in control of an enviable set of built-in analytics and receive exclusive access to business focused webinars (hosted by TikTok themselves).

Woman on Laptop and iPhone

2. Your advertising will never be the same

“Don’t make an ad. Make a TikTok.”

The app themselves said it best.

Advertising on TikTok strikes the perfect balance between providing every opportunity for organic content, whilst also having a powerful arsenal of tools to put towards paid options.

Many creators build their day-to-day organic content around the goings-on of their businesses. This is a brilliant way of creating free ads, whilst maintaining the TikTok magic.

Piccadilly Circus with Cranes

3. Unparalleled reach

No audience? No problem.

Learn the wonders of the For You Page and you’ll have access to untapped viewers.

If you’re new to the platform, it may seem like a bit of an enigma. But the truth is, there is a formula to TikTok.

It’s a simple as hopping on a popular sound, making use of a trending hashtag, or joining a challenge.

Employing all of these techniques in your organic content will help to increase your chances of making it onto the For You Page (FYP for the kids) or the Discover section.

What is the For You Page, I hear you asking?

It’s a general feed, timeline, or content stream, designed to help you find new accounts or content to enjoy. You can switch between the accounts you follow, the FYP, or the Discover section, which collects trending hashtags and sounds of the week for users to explore.

The TikTok algorithm is an interesting one- smarter than Instagram’s, kinder than LinkedIn’s. It collates content based on the videos and accounts you follow or regularly interact with. So even if you don’t have a ton of followers, the algorithm can still get you in front of an audience.

Writing on whiteboard

4. Influencer marketing has never been easier (or more relevant)

With the Creator’s Hub, you’ll have access to an ever-growing pool of TikTok influencers, eager to work with brands.

The Creator’s Hub is TikTok’s own brainchild, built with businesses in mind.

Influencer marketing is just as relevant on TikTok as it is everywhere else. Users want to see their favourite creators promoting brands, services, or products that they endorse, to decide where to put their money.

The brilliance of TikTok, is that it’s full of talented creators. Collaborating with any of them will ensure you never put out a boring ad again.

Photo of woman taking selfie

5. Research just got exciting

When your boss asks where the last five hours went, fix them with a long-suffering sigh and say ✨research✨

It’s absolutely imperative to do your research into what’s hot today, what people are talking about, and what they want from your content. Social media notoriously has a 24-hour shelf life and TikTok is no exception to the rule. Trends move quickly and if you want to attract an audience, you need to put the time into researching.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Photo of woman videoing TikTok

What’s the takeaway here?

I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Don’t be a boomer- get on TikTok.

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