Three award wins for RedSprout Media clients

As we approach the end of the year, awards season is done and dusted. Event venues have switched their set-ups from awards dos to Christmas dos, and glitter will remain in every crevice until the doors swing open again for conference season. We’re pleased to say our clients have had a successful year as far as awards go! Read on to find out how we made it happen.

What's the big deal about awards?

If you’ve ever been to an awards ceremony, you’ll know how fun and exciting they are. You sit through a questionable entertainment act, a three-course meal and the classic ‘half a bottle of wine per person’ on the table. It’s all fun and games until… you lose out to your competitors. Then you’re stuck there, with a face like an angry baboon, wishing you’d made a dash for the 9pm train.

But of course, the feeling of elation when you win is unmatched. Even getting shortlisted as a nominee in the first place is pretty great. Getting to that point requires evidence that you’re good at what you do, and an entry that doesn’t bore the tits off the judges reading it.

That’s where we come in. We work with our clients to gather data, interview their teams, and write strategic award entries that we know will stand out amongst the crowd.

Writing award entries takes a long time and frankly, is a right pain in the arse sometimes. You’ve got to include loads of evidence, which means reaching out to different members of your organisation who really don’t have time to be talking to you. It’s great working in marketing. You’ve got to combine that data with brilliant storytelling to give some life to your award entry. Then you’ve got to trim it all right down to fit in the silly word count.

If it's such a ball ache, why do it?

Great question! There’s plenty of reasons to enter awards, beyond massaging that massive ego. Tbh, that’s enough reason in itself sometimes. But on a commercial level, here’s what can happen if you get shortlisted:

  • Your company logo will appear alongside established businesses, strengthening your brand positioning in the market
  • You’ll build trust and credibility with your target audience by getting recognised by a prestigious awards body
  • You’ll get to network with other businesses at the awards do and raise awareness of your company
  • You’ll get a nice graphic to put on LinkedIn*


In 2023, we wrote award entries on behalf of three different clients. It takes a lot of time, and it’s not cheap, so why get someone else to do it for you? Firstly, it gets a big chunk of work off your desk. Secondly, someone who writes for a living will be creating it, meaning it’s got a better chance of standing out. And lastly, you’ll have a meaty piece of content that you can repurpose into multiple formats: case studies, social posts, blogs, videos and more.

*that was a joke.

A sprinkling of magic

All our award entries written for clients this year resulted in them winning something. Beyond that, one of our clients landed a huge pitch opportunity, just by announcing that they were shortlisted! You can’t deny the ROI of that.

We truly believe in the power of great copy to convince people to make a decision, and that’s why what’s written in your entry is so important.

It’s not just about slapping down a lot of data to prove why you should win. It’s about telling the story behind it, explaining how you overcame adversity to get here. It’s a bit like The X Factor. Yeah, they might have a voice like Whitney Houston. But if they haven’t got a sob story, does anyone really care?

Congratulations to our clients: Grace for winning Micro Business of the Year, Select Technology for winning Best Customer Service at the Tunbridge Wells Business Awards and Spinks on Site for winning Silver at the In House Recruitment Awards.   

We loved helping you all.

If you’d like some help with award entries to generate positive PR for your business, get in touch with Liv:

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