Halloween content: should you, or shouldn’t you?

“Halloween’s coming up, can we come up with some sPoOky social content to go out on the company page?”

You know how it goes. It’s painful.

It’s the same for Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas… the obligatory seasonal marketing content floods our feeds, offering us no value or entertainment whatsoever.

Determined to buck the trend last year, we came up with a Halloween-themed video campaign. Well, we use the term ‘campaign’ lightly. There was no strategy involved, it didn’t take much planning and we just did it as a bit of fun, IS THAT SUCH A CRIME?

After some lengthy brainstorming, we came up with a Netflix-style video series on LinkedIn called ‘Who Killed Mark?’. It was filmed in the style of a true crime documentary with green-screened library bookcases in the background and all.

You can find the episodes on YouTube or search the hashtag #deadsprout to look at all our posts on LinkedIn.

Were we proud of it? Yes.

Did our audience love it? Yes.

Did we gain anything from it? No.

Did it work? YES!

And that leads us nicely onto… the WHY of your Halloween content.

If you’re looking to gain anything from seasonal content other than making people smile, you’re doing it wrong.

We could have asked people for their data and sent the videos out as an email series.

We could have hosted the videos privately and gated the content, again collecting data.

We could have asked people to like and follow for a chance to win a RedSprout branded tote bag and pen to help grow our company page followers. I’m sure they’d have loved that.

But we didn’t. Because Halloween is meant to be FUN 😡

And the minute you make anything about YOU, or your business, people will instantly lose interest.

So, did the content ‘work’?

Our goal was to entertain our audience and do something different on LinkedIn to brighten up (or darken 👻) everyone’s newsfeeds. And based on the feedback above, we reckon we did a good job!

Some bigger brands (with bigger budgets) who nailed their Halloween campaigns


Heinz renaming their ketchup to ‘tomato blood’. Simple. Nostalgic. Perfect.


BBC’s out of home billboard campaign to promote the new series of Dracula. The billboard comes to life at night and the wooden stakes form an image of Dracula’s face with their shadows – bloody genius.


Uber took the opportunity to add to their customer experience and dressed up some of their cars in iconic costumes – because why should cars miss out on the fun?!

You might wonder what the purpose of campaigns like these are. Well, like ours – they’re meant to be FUN! When brands choose to have fun with their audience (and not in the way your boss suggests jumping on a TikTok trend four months late) there’s an opportunity to really build connection. 

Lastly, our five do’s and don’ts of Halloween marketing:

🎃 Avoid words like ‘spooktacular’. Cliches are cringe and you’re better than that

🎃 Don’t just chuck up a Canva graphic and be done with it. Remember your WHY! Look for ways your audience can get involved (voting, sharing ideas, taking part in a game or competition)

🎃 If you can’t be funny, be helpful (party/costume/snack ideas)

🎃 Collaborate with people outside of your department to get different ideas – people love giving input into fun stuff and the more brains, the better (mwahaha)

Will you be posting anything Halloween related this year?

Could your content be spooking customers?

Beat the cringe this season (and every season) and get in touch! 


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