Some harsh truths about your LinkedIn content

So, you love LinkedIn but you just haven’t managed to crack it. Trying to trick the algorithm, using every hashtag under the sun, and tagging all the ‘influencers’ in the hope your post gets over two likes. You beg your colleagues and friends to interact with your content.

It goes a bit like this:

‘Guys, have you seen my latest video on LinkedIn? Give it a like will you? Comment if you can – it boosts the algorithm. A long comment though, LinkedIn likes those. Meaningful responses please. Oh also, who wants to be in tomorrow’s video about the benefits of our latest Mono Multifunction Laser Printer? Guys?’

Cue eye rolls in the office. Your team is getting concerned. It’s alright; you can rely on Brenda from HR with her 30 followers to smash the like button. She never lets you down. The world’s a better place with you in it, Brenda.

Look, we all need a Brenda, but she’s not the person buying from you or using your service. She’s not the decision maker you want to get in front of. She wins every year at the charity bake sale, but she’s not winning you clients. 

If your social media engagement is coming from the same old people, we’ve got news for you:

Your content sucks.

You might disagree, so let’s investigate…

How regularly do you post?

You could be posting too much or too little content. If you’re posting too much, the crap content that only Brenda likes will impact the reach of any truly amazing content. Don’t dilute your feed with rubbish posts; quality over quantity is important, but consistency also plays a part.

If you’re posting too little and you’re not very active on the platform, LinkedIn won’t show your posts to many people. That leads us on to…

Do you engage with other people’s posts?

Posting content and expecting people to engage with it without showing them the same support doesn’t go down well on LinkedIn. You need to prove to LinkedIn that you’re not just in it for the likes (at least pretend, anyway).

When you engage with other people’s content, LinkedIn assumes you are friends. It’ll show more of your content to that person, because the algorithm assumes you have a relationship.

Start engaging with more people on LinkedIn and see what you get as a result.

Do you have an emotional attachment to your content?

Sometimes we spend HOURS crafting social content that we think will go viral. It rarely does. We have an idea in our head, and get fixated on it, often forgetting to ask ourselves if the content idea is…

  • Engaging
  • Entertaining
  • Relatable
  • Inspirational
  • Educational


It’s our EERIE content model and we try and tick at least two of the above before deciding whether to create the content idea.

Are you being too salesy?

If the answer is yes, unfortunately, your content sucks.

When you experience a lull in engagement on social media, it’s worth taking a step back and analysing what’s not working. Decide what you actually want to achieve from the content: is it brand awareness, conversations, community building, lead generation? Re-evaluate whether your content is speaking to your target audience. And experiment with some different styles of content; fail fast when your ideas aren’t working!

Watch this video of ours for more tips on how to come up with content ideas.

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