How to use video to improve customer loyaty

Humans are fickle things. It doesn’t take much to sway them off course and towards your competitors. We’re so used to getting everything on demand.

Do you remember when Love Film sent you one DVD at a time and you sent it back to get another one!? 🤯 And it wasn’t even that long ago! Now we have thousands of films available at our fingertips. We have retailers offering same-day delivery. Can’t afford it right now? There’re loads of way to spread the cost – often dangerously.

You get the drift. Your customers want it all, and they want it now.

With so much demand and competition, encouraging them to make repeat purchases is a tough task.

This blog post explores how you can use video to improve your conversion and retention – and don’t worry, it doesn’t mean having a camera shoved in your face (unlike what we force our team into).

The demand for convenient customer support

Like with food and films, customer support is something people aren’t prepared to wait around for. They need their issues to be fixed quickly and without hassle. One bad experience is enough for 50% of consumers to switch to a competitor — they won’t give you a second chance. After two bad experiences, you’ve blown it entirely with 80% switching to a competitor at this point. (Zendesk)

On the flip side, if you provide a great experience, 62% of customers will recommend you. People are far more likely to buy following a recommendation from someone they trust. This is why giving fantastic customer service is a non-negotiable.

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Video to attract new customers

With more and more purchases being made online, even for big ticket items, video is a brilliant way to show off your product and replicate an experience given in store, minus the pushy salesperson.

9 out of 10 people say their decision to buy is significantly influenced by watching a video. That’s a stat you just can’t ignore. It’s a cost-effective way to increase your conversion rates.

Plus, video gives you an edge over your competitors. If you’re selling a similar product, but your brand uses video to communicate with customers, guess who’s more memorable?

Video is also great for SEO. Google loves video content, particularly if it’s hosted on YouTube as these get their own special section on the search engine results page. Just make sure you use keywords in the title and the right tags.

Having video embedded on your webpage keeps users on it for longer, which feeds into the algorithm as the longer someone’s on your website the more relevant Google thinks it must be to the search query. It’s a win-win.

Video to retain existing customers

Customer onboarding

Depending on the complexity of your product or service, you might need to onboard your customers to help them get started and get the most from their product. How nice would it be to send customers links to a series of how-to videos to help them on their way?

If your customers have an account manager, you could even send personalised videos introducing their rep and put a face to a name in a friendly, engaging way.

The payoff for creating these videos would be fewer support tickets raised for onboarding-related issues. And if your videos help your customers get the most out of their product, they are more likely to become invested in it and, ultimately, become promoters of your brand.

“How-to” is one of the top four categories on YouTube

People love to watch a video to work out how to do something themselves. They’re visual, so your customers don’t need to rely on the guesswork that comes with written instructions. They can solve their problems faster too, without needing to raise a support ticket and wait for a response or spend hours on hold.

Helping your customers to get more out of your product will boost retention and create upsell opportunities. You’ve also got a chance to create brand advocates who’ll sing your praises due to the amazing service they’ve received.

Allow customers to help themselves with a video knowledge library

Creating a knowledge library of videos will enable you to deflect support tickets by helping customers to help themselves. 86% of customers now expect online self-service options. If you’re using a chat bot, you could send customers links to the video resources to guide them to the right solution with no need to wait.

A knowledge library could replace clunky written guides, PDFs and manuals with video, which is much more engaging. There’s a tonne of different videos that you could have to do with troubleshooting, account set up, video FAQs, etc. By answering FAQs in the knowledge base, you can leave support tickets for more complicated issues, making better use of your agents’ time.

Person at work on laptop and phone

Resolve support tickets with video

In addition to a knowledge library, support agents could use video to resolve customer issues. With the right software, you could send video messages to customers in real time. Including screen recordings so that you can show users what to do — showing rather than telling. Depending on your product or service, you could utilise live video for high-tier customers creating a concierge-like service. This would be ideal for products with big price tags.

Retain engaged customers

If you’re an SME, video is a channel worth investigating as part of your customer retention strategy.

How can you use video for customer communications?

  • Share brand announcements in a more exciting way
  • Showcase product demos, you could also give existing customers sneaky peaks into new product launches giving them a VIP experience
  • Share knowledge and resources that would be helpful to them.


You’ll build an emotional connection with your customers more easily through video, and even more so when you use an authentic, human voice. This resonates with people better than a perfectly crafted marketing message.

Customer retention is key to driving revenue for a business. Just a 5% increase in customer retention results in more than 25% increase in profits.

There’s a plethora of video that could be created for your potential and existing customers. All of which will help to build a memorable customer experience that will set your brand apart from your competitors and keep those customers engaged and happy to keep buying from you and to sing your praises.

Want to start including more video in your marketing strategy?

We’ve got years of experience creating videos for B2B and B2B brands. Get in touch to learn more!


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