Five reasons RedSprout Media is a terrible place to work

A lot of companies have a habit of over-egging themselves when they’re recruiting, don’t they? Promising this, promising that. They’ll wow you at interview stage, impress you with their onboarding and then the true colours come out.

It works both ways and happens all the time with employees too, who have oversold themselves at the interview or not been honest about what they need from a job. Everyone’s guilty of it really. But wouldn’t we all save so much time and effort if we were honest about we bring to the table?

So, rather than list out all the reasons why we’re great, here’s the stuff you might get turned off by if you want to work at RedSprout.

1. Things are always changing

We get over-excited sometimes and think something is a great idea, then scrap it after thinking about it in more detail. We embrace change, fail fast and won’t see something through just for the sake of it.

If you have an emotional attachment to your work, you might find it frustrating if your idea gets dropped or taken in a different direction. But it’s all part of the process and experimenting leads to innovation and learning.

Adaptability is a key skill when it comes to working in a small business or start up. Being small has it’s benefits – we can try new things all the time and ditch them if they aren’t working! If you aren’t prepared to adapt (in any part of life), you’ll only stay in the same position and won’t enjoy many new experiences.

2. We get into ‘heated debates’

A difference in opinion is healthy right? We encourage everyone to openly disagree with each other and voice their opinion, provided it’s constructive. Healthy conflict is based on mutual respect and trust and it’s something we believe all teams should be comfortable with.

BUT if you have a sensitive ego, you’ll struggle with this. We will always go with the best idea, whoever it belongs to, regardless of position or role within the project. Everyone will always have their voice heard, and we’ll battle it out until we come to a solution we’re all happy with.

3. We’re a work in progress

We’ve only been running for two years! We’re basically a baby.

We’ve expanded our services and client base so quickly, but this fast growth has meant that internal processes aren’t always where they need to be. You’ll need to be patient with us while we figure things out. If you’re someone who thrives on order and routine, you will be STRESSED.

4. We don’t do normal working hours

If you’re a 9-5er and judge people if they start work at 9.03, or think working at night is weird, you’ll struggle with our working hours. We’re very flexible and encourage people to work when they’re most productive, and around their personal commitments – including doggy day care drop offs.

5. Our co-founders know the least

You should never be the smartest in the room. That’s why we hired a bunch of people who are way brainier than us. We love when our team come up with new ideas, teach us something different or prove us wrong! We don’t claim to know everything and all of us are brilliant self-learners who actively seek knowledge and attempt things we’ve never tried before.

So, if you’re uncomfortable with a younger colleague knowing more than you, or rely on other people to tell you how to do things, you’ll think this is a terrible place to work.


Is that enough to put you off?! If not, reach out to Liv to hear about our open positions:

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