Grow your social media team without spending any more money

Who’s responsible for marketing your business?

If you’re the Managing Director, is it you? If you’ve got a marketing team, is it them and them only?

Is it possible for everyone to do it?

Your employees will always be your biggest competitive advantage.

Without them, you don’t have a brand.

Your team is more than just their operational day jobs. They are the face and voice of your brand – even if they don’t realise it themselves.

By encouraging them to have a voice on social media and actively promote the business, you’ll amplify brand awareness massively. Did you know your messages will reach 561% further when shared by employees rather than your company page? That’s a stat that just can’t be ignored.

Naturally, this means employee advocacy has a direct impact on sales, with increased traffic to the website and more potential for inbound leads. Plus, it can support employee retention by allowing your team to feel empowered and help with attraction by giving insight into the company culture.

For some of you, having your employees represent your brand online is a scary thought. It’s not that you don’t trust them, and they’re fantastic at the jobs you hired them for. But going online and representing the business? Well, some might not be the best writers. They might not come across well on video. And you’ve always got the risk of them going rogue, sharing controversial, brand damaging opinions…

So, what’s the answer? How do you manage and encourage it?

Dedicated content champions

Depending on the size of your company, you could ask people to volunteer themselves as content champions within each department of the business. The responsibility of this role is to come up with ideas on a weekly basis that the people within their team can talk about on social media. For example:

  • Sharing case studies or blogs from the company website
  • Celebrating a client win or completed project
  • Offering their opinion on industry news

Each week, the content champions could send an email containing industry or company news to their team and encourage shares. Content champions are there to support with ideas and share inspiration on a regular basis to help streamline the process.

Encourage engagement

Ever seen a post from someone and it’s got about five likes, all from people within their organisation? It’s a bit cringe, but we’ve all got to start somewhere.

If your team are taking their first steps into the world of employee advocacy on social, you want to support them and make sure their posts reach far and wide. If you’re the one driving the idea, make sure you get in there and like and comment on their posts to show your appreciation.

You could set up a separate Slack channel where everyone posts their social media content and asks for tips and suggestions. Getting everyone involved will create a community feel, and a shared feeling pride when social content does well. Exactly what you want to make sure the strategy is sustainable!

Social media training

Not everyone feels confident putting themselves out there on social media. If you’ve got a marketing department, ask them to dedicate some time to training sessions for the wider team. It would help for them to put some guidelines together about what works and what types of content people should post.  

There’s a lot of tips and tricks that will make the content get seen by the right people, and it’s important your team know what they’re doing to make it worth their time.

Alternatively, why not bring in external training to excite your team and offer a fresh perspective? We know an agency who are pretty good at that.

So that just about sums up the benefits of getting your employees on social. There’s lots of things your team should be doing on social, and it’s fun, too!

Once they start getting the likes and comments rolling in, they’ll soon become addicted like the rest of us… and you’ve expanded your marketing team without spending an extra penny.

Get in touch to see how we can help!

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