How to get headhunted on LinkedIn

Us recruiters spend all day on LinkedIn. Seriously. It’s where we find the best people!

It goes a bit like this: we’ll seek you out using search criteria like location, skills and experience. We’ll check where you’re based, to make sure the role is within reasonable distance. And we’ll scour your profile for indications that you’re a good match for what we’re after.

If you watch You on Netflix it’s a bit like that, but without the gruesome murders.

Anyway…if you’re offended by the lack of recruiters hounding you on LinkedIn, it could be time to spruce up your profile to make sure you’re getting found.

Be specific about your location

Finding you on LinkedIn is much more difficult if your location isn’t up to date. Even worse, you’re at risk of missing out on your next big opportunity!

So many people list just ‘United Kingdom’ as their location, which massively hinders their chances of being found. Narrow it down to your exact town to make sure you appear in search results (promise we won’t turn up at your door).

Tip: if you are living or working in Kent, but want to work in London, set London as your location. Your name will come up when London recruiters are looking for candidates.

List ALL your skills

Marketing roles are incredibly broad nowadays. Many people with the job title ‘Digital Marketing Executive’ do loads of SEO, whereas others focus more on PPC. Some do everything. Graphic Designers can be experienced in mostly print, with little digital, or vice versa.

That staff handbook you worked on for a construction company might have seemed irrelevant at the time, but to LinkedIn it’s ‘internal communications’ or ‘employee engagement’. Really think about your experience and what you’re good at or what you enjoy. List your skills and update them regularly, to increase your chances of getting approached.

Don’t copy and paste from your CV

Employers want as much information as possible about you before committing to an interview. Use your CV and your LinkedIn as two different platforms; your CV should be an overview of what you do, with your LinkedIn providing additional (less significant) details.

It’s a good idea to add a link to your LinkedIn profile on your CV, especially if you have a common name. It’ll make it much easier for hiring managers to find you.

Plus, if you’re feeling brave, why not include your other social media profiles? We love looking through candidates’ twitters and instagrams when given the opportunity!

Tip: Make use of the media section on your profile. You can add a link to an article you’ve written, a project you’re proud of or your portfolio.

Hike up your activity on LinkedIn

Interact with your connections and get involved with the content they post. LinkedIn is all about sharing the love. The more you like and comment on a person’s posts, the more your own posts will come up in their feed.

With that in mind, remember your likes and comments appear on your connections’ newsfeeds, so consider that when you’re clicking away.

If you feel strongly about something or want to acknowledge a great piece of work, why not leave a comment on it? Be creative; don’t just resort to ‘great work’ or ‘love it’. Leave a genuine compliment or well-thought out opinion. It’ll show hiring managers that you’re engaged in your industry and love what you do.

Hopefully these tips have inspired you to refresh your LinkedIn presence. If your CV is next on the list of things to update, check out our tips for writing an effective marketing CV here.

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