How to reach your target clients on LinkedIn

As a recruiter, have you ever been told to create LinkedIn content aimed specifically at your target audience?

Headteachers, for example. If your target clients are headteachers, your first thought might be to make education-industry-based content to grab their attention. Thrilling stuff! 

You begin by sharing some articles from Schools News, or even write your own. You create videos and social posts. You connect with headteachers on LinkedIn, or at least try to.

The thing is, teaching is their 9-5. Not their 24/7. 

Sure, they’re interested in education. Hopefully, anyway. But what else? Who are they outside of work? They could have families, pets; love gardening; binge watching Netflix; reading books about sport; going kayaking; baking, stamp collecting. They’re not defined by their job.

So, how do you get to know your target clients beyond their job title?

You let them get to know you first. 

Share relatable experiences, advice, and put questions out there. Get involved in conversations. Show your personality. As a headteacher, they’ll already have the resources they need for education news. They don’t want to hear it from a recruiter. 

Instead, create content that lots of people want to engage with, not just headteachers.By giving yourself the freedom to do this, you’ll instantly get more creative with your content ideas and you’ll attract a wider audience.

“But I don’t need a wider audience! I just need headteachers!”

You need headteachers as clients, yes. But you also other people to help your content get seen by the target people. The more supporters you have on LinkedIn, the wider the reach of your content, and the more chance you’ll have of the phones ringing. 

The journey goes like this:

  1. Connect with target clients so they’re in your network and see your content.
  2. Broaden your network by regularly connecting with lots of people and commenting on their stuff. 
  3. Do a happy dance when anyone engages with your content; it means it’s being seen by people outside of your network (including target clients). 
  4. If that target client sees your content on their feed and likes it – guess what – they’ll connect with you!

There’s a lot to take in here, so the two takeaways are: 

  • Create content that appeals to a wide audience. 
  • Broaden your network to reach the right people. 

Once you’ve got that big audience, by all means start adding some niche, targeted content into the mix from time to time. But remember, only a small portion of your audience will be your target clients. By only making content for them, you risk losing engagement from your other supporters – who, with their likes and comments, are the ones really doing the job for you.

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