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Want to get serious about reaching more customers and making more sales? You need to invest in a marketing strategy. Doing it yourself won’t cut it. 

The reason behind that is simple. When you’re a business owner, you’ve got tunnel vision. You’re too embedded in your own business to see it from others’ perspectives. Even the best marketers in the world need a little help when it comes to working on themselves. So, why not bring in the experts and do this thing properly?

We love nothing more than getting round a table together, armed with sticky notes, a whiteboard and loads of creative energy! Learn more about our strategy sessions below.

What to expect

We know it’s a remote-first world these days, but you can’t beat brainstorming in person. The energy in the room sparks new ideas and gets creativity flowing! Plus, Rachel might bring in some of her famous cupcakes – those alone are worth commuting in for.

Ideally, you’ll have a handful of people representing different parts of your business (if you have a team, anyway). You may have someone who can chat sales, and perhaps someone from your product team or operations. This way, we can get different viewpoints and you can understand whether or not you’re all on the same page about the business. Don’t worry, we’ve got loads of ice breakers if a fight starts.

What we'll cover

We’ll tailor the strategy session based on what you’ve told us about your challenges. Typically, we start by examining your target audience and going into detail about their needs and behaviours. Following that, we’ll discuss how they discover you and what their experience of your business is like.

In between going down rabbit holes and exploring different ideas, we’ll also look at your messaging, your online presence, and your brand values, and set some clear goals and KPIs to help shape your strategy.

Lightbulb moments

These sessions have been described by clients in the past as ‘therapy’. You’ll be asked lots of questions about things you may not have confronted before, or buried deep… don’t worry, we’ll bring tissues.

But seriously, these sessions are designed to get you thinking about the future of your business and inspire you to make some brave decisions. There’s always great energy in the room and everyone leaves feeling reinvigorated! 

Check out the feedback we’ve had from our sessions below, and use the form to book one yourself. We’d love to brainstorm with you! 

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