Marketing Automation: what is it and why’s it important?

You hear marketers throwing around all kinds of buzzwords these days, and is ‘marketing automation’ just another one to add to the growing list?

Maybe so. But it’s a tool which is so powerful and in depth that, to be successful using it, you need to know exactly what it is and how it works…

What is Marketing Automation?

Let’s start there. Essentially, it’s about using a piece of software to get all of your marketing activity centred around the behaviour or your customer.

According to Quick Sprout, Marketing Automation in a nutshell helps you:

  • Target content specifically tailored to an individual’s specific user profile
  • Group customers by what they like
  • Test different variables like email send times and subject headings
  • Integrate marketing channels, like databases or CRMs

It’s taking the time to set up a process which will reduce the repetitive nature of marketing tasks, no need to set up emails to go to certain lists after a certain amount of time, if the contact has acted in a certain way or followed a certain pattern, it’s all done for you.

Picture it – you go onto a new retailer’s website and after a few seconds a promo box pops up: “10% OFF YOUR NEXT ORDER!” and all you have to do is pop in your email.

As soon as you do that, ‘PING!’ one new email in your inbox, instantly.

If you’ve not used your code or completed your order after a certain amount of time… ‘PING’, another one pops in.

How has that happened? Automation.

By you putting your information into that little box, you have entered a workflow to generate a new email, adding you to the company’s CRM and, likely, their marketing lists.

It’s a process that has been carefully set up by a team to best meet their strategy as a business to generate potential customers, nurture them to become brand advocates and finally turn them into leads.

What do I use to do it?

Software like HubSpot, Ontraport, Pardot (to name a few) will allow you to set these processes up.

Each of them has similar components: a database for you to manage your customers and the relationships (CRM), analytics and tracking software for you to see how each of your contacts are interacting and an engagement marketing engine to make all the magic happen.

Marketing automation software gives you the ability to speed up your process and schedule campaigns to reach higher audiences with less effort. It allows you to track and score each interaction and engagement sending more personalised and targeted messages to the audience.

Setting it up does take a bit of time and thought, depending on how you want to align your business goals.

Once you have specified your criteria and decided on the outcomes for each interaction, the work will automatically take place.

Marketing automation software can easily be the solution to making your marketing more efficient. It can help you efficiently launch your marketing strategies.

Want to find out more about how you can successfully run automation? Get in touch!

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