Maximise the reach of your content marketing

Have you ever spent hours in the kitchen preparing a home cooked meal for your family, or friends, only for it to be demolished in under 10 minutes?

That’s usually how it goes. Roast potatoes take an hour, the chicken takes two. Prepping the vegetables and concocting a dessert; it can quite often consume your entire Sunday morning.

But, at the time, are your guests actually enjoying it? They wolf it down in about 15 minutes and then are heading out the door.

It’s a bit like that with your content marketing strategy. Blood, sweat and tears can go into it, but online content doesn’t actually stick around to be enjoyed for very long.

Unlike cooking a Sunday roast however, there are loads of ways you can extend the lifespan of your content and get more eyeballs on that lovingly crafted piece of work.

Video content

  • Chop up a long-form video into digestible nuggets with different messages for social. Take key highlights and create 30 second soundbites to share on TikTok and Instagram stories/reels. Create slightly longer (1min) versions for LinkedIn or Facebook.
  • Do the opposite: take lots of shorter videos and create a long-form video for YouTube or your website – perhaps you could use it to introduce different team members.
  • Add more detail to your video’s message by turning it into a blog for your website. Share the blog on social and via an email marketing campaign

Written content

  • Chop up a blog and create tweets around the key takeaways
  • Send your content to a client or prospect who would find value in it and ask for their opinion
  • Pitch a whitepaper to industry media outlets for publication
  • Film a video based around the written content and post it on social.

Both written and video content can be repurposed as email marketing campaigns, podcasts, newsletters; they can be edited for different social platforms and expanded to include fresh viewpoints. The possibilities really are endless.

However you choose to repurpose your content, just make sure to show it some love!

How about publishing some content on TikTok? Read our blog and give it a go!

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