Need to reach more customers?

When you first started your business, your customers (or clients) probably came from recommendations. But perhaps you’re a couple of years in, and you’ve exhausted your little black book. It’s time to expand your horizons and get in front of more people!

When it comes to attracting a new audience, you might be tempted to shout about your business and promote your services. And who can blame you; it’s what you’re there for, right? 

But to get people to buy from you, you need to work hard to grab their attention. It’s about building trust and credibility, before you start selling to people. It’s the approach we’ve always taken at RedSprout, and our enquiries have been 100% inbound for over six years.


Get to know them

How much do you really know about your target customers? What are their problems, desires, habits and behaviours?

Your marketing needs to speak to a specific group of people – not everyone. Obviously, you want as many people to buy from you as possible, but that doesn’t mean shouting at the masses. It dilutes your message and your content won’t have any impact.

Instead, everything needs to be designed with your customer in mind. Get to know them on a deep level, create content based on what you know, and get engagement from the right people – not everyone.

Get creative


We’ll encourage you to speak to your audience at every step of their journey, from finding out about you, to buying from you. And creativity is crucial at every stage.

We use our EERIE model as the framework for content creation. Everything gets created with EERIE in mind: your content has to be entertaining, engaging, relatable, inspirational, or educational. Bonus points for all five.  

Collaborate with us

You could have worked in your industry for 30 years and think you know it inside out, but it often takes an outsider to refresh your way of thinking and inspire some new ideas.

We’ve helped a villa holidays company go from advertising to ‘everyone’ to advertising to a specific set of people. We’ve done the same for recruitment businesses and I.T. suppliers. So it’s not industry knowledge that you need – it’s our creativity, geeky brains and Sherlock Holmes level of investigative skills.

Hear from our clients

Ways we can help

Social media

The best, fastest and most budget-friendly way to stand out is through your social media content. It’s how we became a fully inbound business!  


You’ve defined your customers and got a content plan in place, but you want to target people when they’re in ‘buy’ mode. See how our PPC experts can help.

Work with us

Are you a solo-business owner who’s sh*t at social, or a director with too much on your plate? Check out our packages to see how we can help.