Liv about Mark
Mark’s old. He’s been around the block a few times. He gets it. He’s the first to complain about how our industry works, as you’ll see in most of his videos.

Mark about Mark
He’s our leader, the one we all look up to, admire and respect. We all love Mark! He’s amazing! Just coming into work fills our lives with true meaning.

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Liv’s got it all under control. We aim to be rebellious; so long as we follow Liv’s rules. We call her the Fun Sponge, but in all honesty, she’s the one person everyone leans on. She’s also in charge of the disco vibes playlist which keeps us motivated throughout the day.

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Meg believes in aliens, but don’t let that put you off. She’s swapped wearing a suit and selling houses for dressing like a hippy and letting her two chihuahuas rule the roost. She loves her new career as a recruitment consultant and would welcome a chat about conspiracy theories any time.

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Despite turning up half an hour late for his interview, Harry miraculously got the job. There was just something about Harry that we couldn’t resist. Turns out we were right, after he placed his first candidate in just two weeks! Harry’s a typical lad; banter, football and more football is the way to his heart.


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