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RedSprout began as a marketing recruitment agency. We were never conventional, even at the start. First off, we’d give candidates away for free – who does that? We’d tell everyone who we were working with – yep, go ahead, nick our clients. Rather than sell, we’d just give everything away. Funnily enough, that actually led to sales and a thriving recruitment business.

You can do this too. You’ll need to be brave and leave your comfort zone, but we’ll help with that; even if it means yanking you out, kicking and screaming. Don’t worry, we’ll do it nicely.

Video killed the… outdated recruitment agency?

Ever thought about what would happen if you started doing video successfully? Probably a Hollywood career with your natural charm and stunning looks. But for now, if you did it well, you could stop cold calling. Stop exhibiting at those over-priced trade shows. Stop dragging yourself along to breakfast networking events. You’d fill roles more quickly; you’d have more clients and you’d earn more money.


And what if you didn’t start doing video or producing content? How will you get new leads in two, five, even ten years’ time? What will your competitors be doing?

Our net-works!

We have a combined LinkedIn presence of over 60,000 people. We’ve got to this point by creating content that people want to see. It’s even resurrected Liv’s PR career; we’ve been featured on BBC News, Channel 4, featured in the Mail on Sunday and appeared on a few radio stations in Taiwan… don’t ask.

Meet and match

We’re not everyone’s cup of tea. Mark’s a double-shot espresso; highly caffeinated, focused and creative. Liv’s a soothing chamomile; warm, calm and collected. You’ll get bold flavours and colourful language. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and our clients quickly become our mates – it’s the way we’ve always done it. If we sound like a good fit, let’s match.

This is a no-fluff zone

Simple, clear and concise messaging. Talking like a human. It’s what works and it’s how we’ll get you cutting through the noise. Words like solutions and passionate are banned. Don’t even get us started on the state of job descriptions.

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