How to get more LinkedIn followers

Have you had LinkedIn for a while, but you haven’t got much of an audience? LinkedIn is the place to be to get yourself heard, so follow these simple tips for growing your audience.

Use your profile as a shop window

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a mini-website, or shop window. What would you want on display?

It’s important to make it clear exactly what you do but add personality too. You can do this creatively, perhaps by creating a banner in Canva. Use your bio line to explain your job. Use the rest to really sell yourself; try and entice people into reading it, avoiding clichés or CV-type stuff.

You can choose to ‘feature’ certain pieces of content on your profile, too. If you’ve had some successful posts, or just want to show off what you do, stick some featured posts there to grab attention.

Connect with the right people

Go on a connecting spree with people whose content you think you’d like. A good way of finding people is to visit the profile of someone you admire, or who’s content you enjoy. On the right-hand side is a list suggesting similar people.

You can also pro-actively search for people on LinkedIn via job title. Or, try searching for hashtags to find people who are talking subjects you’re interested in. For example, if you search #startup, popular pieces of content will appear created by people talking about start-ups.

Always personalise your connection messages to increase your chances of having them accepted.

Get involved in conversations

The key to growing your audience is to contribute to people’s content before prioritising making your own. You’ve got MILLIONS of opportunities to demonstrate your personality or your expertise, by leaving well thought-out comments on posts that inspire you. And, the more you like and comment on a person’s posts, the more your own posts will come up in their feed.

Allow people to get to know you

Post regularly and don’t fall into the trap of just posting content aimed at your target audience. In the early stages, create posts that would resonate with anyone. All you have to remember is to make the content engaging, entertaining, relatable and/or valuable. Always consider what your post offers that will prompt someone to engage with it.

So there’s a few quick tips on how you can get more LinkedIn followers! If you want to learn more about this stuff, get in touch and we’d be happy to share more.

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