Struggling to stand out online?

Growing your online presence can be overwhelming and feel like a chore sometimes. You know you need to be doing it, but there’s other things that require your attention and content creation seems to take up so much time.

Despite your best efforts, your social posts don’t get much engagement and your profiles are looking neglected.

At RedSprout, we’re obsessed with producing great content and taking a fresh approach to social media. We work with industries ranging from spill care to stargazing, and we love finding new ways to grab the attention of your target customers.

Go back to basics

If your goal is to stand out against your competition, the first thing we’ll do is a strategy session. Because we need to start at the beginning; not muddle through the middle.

Our sessions uncover what makes you unique, why your customers should buy from you and how to target them. They’ve actually been described as therapy in the past, so prepare for challenging questions and perhaps bring a tissue.

Get creative

With your new strategy in place, you can start ramping up your online presence. We’ll encourage you to speak to your customers at every step of their journey, from finding out about you, to buying from you, and creativity is crucial at every stage.

When the goal is to stand out, we use our EERIE model as the framework for content creation. Everything gets created with EERIE in mind: your content has to be entertaining, engaging, relatable, inspirational, or educational. Bonus points for all five.  

Collaborate with us

Most of our clients have limited marketing knowledge – it’s why they come to us.  

We act as their marketing department and handle everything from strategy, to ideas, to content creation and analysing performance. Or, we can simply give you some ideas to work with.

So, if you need help standing out against the competition, reach out! We’d love to help.

Hear from our clients...

Ways we can help


The best, fastest and most budget-friendly way to stand out is through your social media content. It’s how we became a fully inbound business!  

Strategy development

If you’re struggling to stand out, it could be that your content isn’t resonating with your audience. Let’s look at your strategy and put some new tactics in place. 

Marketing partnership

Are you a solo-business owner who’s sh*t at social or too busy to create content? Perhaps our marketing partnership service is the right solution for you.