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The power of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has always been around in one way or another, whether it be product placement or the use of famous faces in advertising campaigns, but in more recent times it’s taken the form of social media marketing.

We’re sure that, unless you have been living under a rock or were frozen in 2015, you’ve heard the case study of Gymshark.

The fitness brand is, arguably, one of the most influential brands in recent years.

Having been launched by entrepreneur Ben Francis in 2012 out of his parents’ garage, the company has gone on to be one of the biggest empires in gym wear.

How did they do it?

What’s the secret behind the success? Well, a huge chunk of it is down to influencer marketing.

Now worth more than £1billion, Gymshark went from being run part-time by a pizza boy, to global eCommerce empire in a short matter of years.

To get noticed, Francis sent a number of fitness influencers free sports attire to wear and promote the brand whilst working out and reach a larger audience across social media.

Over the years, Gymshark has continued to sponsor more social media stars and now the brand has an audience reach of more than 20 million people, with multiple popular athletes and ambassador.

It’s created a community, becoming more than just a clothing line. It has fans, ambassadors and people wearing their clothes feel like they belong.

Influencer marketing is a well-played out method these days, with every man and his dog sliding into the comments section asking those with thousands of followers to ‘colab’.

The Golden Arches and Influencer Marketing

Even McDonald’s, one of the largest, most recognisable brands in the entire world, has recently dipped its toe in the influencer game.

Using Travis Scott, famous rapper, and former partner to American socialite and “youngest self-made billionaire” (we use that term lightly) Kylie Jenner, McD’s launched a burger under the same name.

The ‘Travis Scott Burger’, just a regular quarter pounder with bacon on it, lead to unprecedented demand in the US, with some areas actually having ingredients shortages as a result.

There have been a number of notable influencer marketing campaigns over the years, and while Scott would have been paid generously for the collaboration, it’s worth noting that even some of the biggest brands around are benefitting from what is, essentially, a new form of celebrity endorsement.

The leverage of social media and the power that the follower numbers mean these influencers now hold, is frightening.

It just begs the question; what’s next?

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