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Attract new customers with inspiring, engaging content

Have you noticed how businesses all tend to sound the same these days? Everyone is ‘innovative’ or ‘passionate’. With loads of content and AI tools out there, it’s getting more and more difficult to compete against your competitors in search results…  

At RedSprout, we are big believers in the power of words to get your customers to sit up and listen. Taking a strategic approach to what you say, and how you say it, means you’ll become more visible to your target audience when they’re searching for companies like yours.  

The right content strategy will enable you to get more visitors to your website, generate leads and help with your customer service and retention.  

Before we start any content writing projects, we do keyword research and dig into your target audience to understand their behaviour online. They’re the people we’re talking to, after all! From there, we agree tone of voice, messaging and ideas.  

We’ll also audit your existing content to see what has performed well in the past. There’s no point reinventing the wheel if we don’t need to. Then, we use our search marketing data to identify opportunities and put all our ideas into actionable plan. 

We can write copy for your website, including blog posts for SEO and web pages. We can write award entries on behalf of your business (we’ve got a great track record for those). And we can create thought-leadership content to help you build trust and credibility in your industry.  

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Website copy

Client results

Spinks on Site

We created four award entries for Spinks on Site – an embedded talent solution, part of the Nash Squared group – and helped them win Silver at the In House Recruitment Awards. Our content writing also led to them to gain a lucrative opportunity with a target client…

Case study coming soon!



Your website acts as your shop window and your potential customers will make a snap decision on whether they’ll buy from you within seconds. Your content plays a massive part in how they perceive you. You need to make them want to find out more.  

It depends on how you want to work with us. We have a range of packages available, or we have a partnership option which is based on hours (a bit like having your own marketing team). You can also request a one-off project. You can learn more about our pricing here or download our services pack which contains everything you need to know. 

This all depends on where your business is currently at. If you’re relatively unheard of, it’ll take a bit longer to see results compared to if you’re someone like Nike. There’s lots of factors involved, but at the start of working with you, we review all this stuff and set KPIs based on what’s realistic. You’ll receive monthly performance reports to understand progress and performance.  

Most of our clients have either weekly, fortnightly or monthly calls, depending on their package. We use this time to collaborate with you and share ideas. We’re also available via email or phone any time you need anything.  

All our contracts are a minimum of six months unless you request a one-off project 

Yes! We work with lots of business owners who don’t have a clue about marketing. It’s what we’re here for. We act as your marketing team; we’re the experts, and we’re here to guide you and work together to get the best results for your business.  

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