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Want to get your website higher in search results but aren’t sure where to start, or you haven’t had much luck with it?

The key to a successful PPC campaign comes down to one word: optimisation! It’s not a set and forget task. To make the campaigns work for you, you need to optimise ad copy, budget, audience, placements, and so on. So many people tell us they’ve tried PPC but it’s never worked… and this is why you need to use an expert. 

At RedSprout, we can get your ads working hard for your business, both as standalone PPC campaigns and as part of cross-channel campaigns. By analysing the data and trends and continually tweaking your ads, we’ll make sure you get the most bang for your buck.  

The first step is always to get to know you and your business. Collaboration is always at the heart of how we operate. We want to get under the skin of your business and understand exactly what your goals are.  

If you’ve already got PPC on the go, we’ll audit your current set up so we can see what’s happening and let you know our recommendations. We’ll then create a PPC strategy that works with your budget to achieve your goals.  

New to PPC? Don’t worry. We can set your account up from scratch and build it out following best practice and our tried and tested tactics. We do this for lots of clients. 

You’ll get a monthly report and regular updates from your dedicated account manager, so you always know what’s going on. It’s so exciting to see the progress!  

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Client results

Darcy Group

We shook up a previously underperforming PPC account and achieved a ROAS of 2.27 within the first six months! We basically rebuilt the account from the ground up and have gone from zero visibility on conversions to a return of 182%. 



PPC stands for pay for click and it really does what it says on the tin. Your ads are served on platforms such as Google search, and you pay for each click on your ad.  

After the initial set up period, PPC can offer some pretty quick ROI. It’s all about getting your products in front of the people who need them at the time that they are looking to buy. That’s where the optimisation of budgets, keywords, ad copy, etc. comes into play. Also, if your competitors are using PPC, you need to come out and play too. Otherwise, they’re going to snap up your potential customers 

The costs behind PPC are two-fold. You’ll have your budget for ad spend and then we’ll a PPC account management and set up fee – this is where the optimisation and strategy comes in.  


How we charge for looking after your PPC account will depend on how you want to work with us. We have a range of packages available, or we have a partnership option which is based on hours (a bit like having your own marketing team). You can also request a one-off project. You can learn more about our pricing here or download our services pack which contains everything you need to know. 

Well, are we building or rebuilding your Google Ads account from the ground up? How many key word groups do you need? Do we need to build custom landing pages and design display ads? When we start working with you, we’ll be totally upfront about timings when we go through your strategy, so we’ll all be on the same page about timescales. You’ll receive monthly performance reports to understand progress and performance.  

Most of our clients have either weekly, fortnightly or monthly calls, depending on their package. We use this time to collaborate with you and share ideas. We’re also available via email or phone any time you need anything.  

All our contracts are a minimum of six months unless you request a one-off project.  

Yes! We work with lots of business owners who don’t have a clue about marketing. It’s what we’re here for. We act as your marketing team; we’re the experts, and we’re here to guide you and work together to get the best results for your business.  

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