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It’s exhausting keeping up with the latest do’s and don’ts of social media, isn’t it?

There’s so much to it these days. Should your business be on TikTok? Is Facebook still a thing? Will LinkedIn ever be cool? There’s a lot to consider when you’re putting together a social media strategy and it’s tricky to know where to start – especially if you’re a b2b business.

If you want to gain more followers and use social media to drive web traffic and sales, you need a clear strategy in place. You have to understand which channels your customers use, what content they want to see and how often to talk to them.

If you’re in an industry like recruitment or sales, you should probably focus on building your personal brand to bring that human approach to your business’s online presence.

Alternatively, if you’re trying to promote an event to a niche audience, you may be better off running paid campaigns to promote your event to a specific group of people. 

There’s so many ways you can use social media to benefit your business, and we offer a range of services to help you meet your goals: from one off workshops, to campaign management and content creation. Get in touch with us today and let’s chat about what you should be doing and how to ramp up your results. 

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Grace (recruitment)

Grace is a recruitment agency. We’ve worked with them for almost three years. We support their Managing Director with her content on LinkedIn, and have achieved viral posts reaching over 20,000+ likes and over a million impressions per post. 



To see results from your social media activity, you really need a dedicated Social Media Manager or agency to be ‘owning’ your strategy. You don’t HAVE to outsource – but the benefit is that you gain access to a wide range of skills, such as strategy, organic content creation, paid media expertise and video production. Social media requires a range of content formats to keep your pages fresh and appealing to your followers.

It depends on how quickly you want to see results, the type of content we recommend for your business and your existing resources. Sorry – not the easiest question to answer! Our social media packages start from £1,800 per month, and to give you an idea, that would include a monthly social media plan, weekly calls, analytics reports and strategy development. 

This all depends on where your business is currently at. If you’re relatively unheard of, it’ll take a bit longer to see results compared to if you’re someone like Nike! There’s lots of factors involved, but at the start of working with you, we review all this stuff and set KPIs based on what’s realistic. You’ll receive monthly performance reports to understand progress and performance.  

Most of our clients have either weekly, fortnightly or monthly calls, depending on their package. We use this time to collaborate with you and share ideas. We’re also available via email or phone any time you need anything.  

All our contracts are a minimum of six months unless you request a one-off project 

Yes! We work with lots of business owners who don’t have a clue about marketing. It’s what we’re here for. We act as your marketing team; we’re the experts, and we’re here to guide you and work together to get the best results for your business.  

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