Marketing and sales working together

The Darcy Group

The Darcy Group is a British manufacturer and supplier of products to prevent and clean up spills that otherwise could pollute the environment.  They help businesses from multiple verticals to comply with environmental regulation. We have been working together since June 2023, when Darcy recognised a need for a full-service approach to their outsourced marketing activity.

Surviving without a marketing team

The Darcy Group didn’t have an internal marketing department at the time, and marketing ‘stuff’ was all being handed to the Sales Director, Mark. He needed to focus on generating revenue, but that was proving difficult with no marketing plan in place.

It meant that their marketing activity was limited, and opportunities to increase sales and customer retention were getting missed.

Although they had tried different types of marketing support in the past, the team at Darcy realised they needed a more strategic approach to align their sales and marketing activity. RedSprout was recommended, and we arranged to get together.

Going back to the start

We held a workshop with Darcy’s sales team to clearly define the target audience, refine their brand values and messaging, and analyse the current customer journey. The workshop found that better definition around Darcy’s service offering was needed to strengthen the existing customer base, and brand awareness needed to increase among target customers.  

We always include sales teams in our workshops where possible. It means we get a true understanding of the problems being faced by customers, objections, questions and so on. It aligns our marketing activity with sales goals and means both teams can work together to get the best outcome.

Making impact early on

Following the workshop, we delivered a full marketing strategy designed to meet Darcy’s business goals. We started executing the strategy and generated £4,264.37 in revenue from email marketing, and £7,460 in revenue from PPC

To alleviate some pressure from the sales team and improve the customer experience, we also created an automated email workflow to remind customers about their upcoming services. The emails contain reminders and quote details, removing a lot of the original admin from the sales team. At the time of writing, this converted 75.5% of deal revenue.