Building a brand on social

Grace Personnel

Grace is a boutique recruitment agency based in Maidenhead, Berkshire. Way back in February 2021, the Managing Director, Lauren Hopkins, reached out for our help and we’ve worked together ever since. Lauren’s goal was to reach more local business owners in Maidenhead that she could potentially work with, but her challenge was standing out online amongst all the other recruiters on LinkedIn…

People buy from people

Being in the recruitment sector, it is vital for Lauren to have a strong presence on LinkedIn to help build relationships with potential clients and candidates. We tease out her expertise, personality and opinions to form the basis of her content ideas, and produce videos that allow people to get to know her. 

Lauren has always embraced the power of video. Some of our favourites are the one where she donned a fabulous wig and another is our take one the Made in the Royal Navy ad, but this time it’s Made in Recruitment. Alongside her video and social content, we create resources for her website geared towards her target audience of HR Managers and small business owners.

A collaborative approach

The only way for LinkedIn content to be authentic is if the content is a reflection of our client’s true thoughts and opinions. We then turn those thoughts into social media content designed in a way that gets engagement from the target audience.

We’ve worked together for a few years now, so totally get Lauren’s tone of voice and style. We create content on a fortnightly basis so that it remains timely and relevant. We also keep track of her analytics and stay on top of algorithm updates and trends, so that her content evolves along with them.

Consistency is key

Since working with Lauren on her social media content, her LinkedIn network has doubled – growing by over 5,000 connections. Her most popular post achieved over 20,000 likes and over 400 shares, and her presence has grown in the local area as a result of her online activity. At networking events, she’s often told people already know who she is, and regularly gets complimented on her posts.

Running a recruitment business means relationship building is a huge part of Lauren’s job. We’ve taken a large chunk of that off her plate by helping people get to know her online – even when she doesn’t know them! It warms up her sales calls and keeps her front of mind for when a local business is hiring.

Hear from the Managing Director