A global marketing partnership

Spark Compliance

Kristy Grant-Hart is CEO of Spark Compliance, the creator of award-winning compliance training game Compliance Competitor and a leading compliance professional in the US. She’s also a course creator, published author and speaker. Back in 2021, Kristy was spending so much time writing a weekly blog, a weekly email newsletter, and creating content for LinkedIn that it was taking her away from scaling her businesses.  She desperately wanted someone to take marketing off her desk and needed a partner she could trust. The aim was to alleviate her workload and allow her to focus solely on her journey as an entrepreneur, with her marketing engine running in the background.  

Maintaining an online and offline presence

As a growing influencer within the compliance space, it’s important for Kristy to maintain a consistent presence both on social media and in real life.  

Online, we work with Kristy across multiple platforms, including her podcast, her three websites, weekly blog, newsletter and LinkedIn content. Since working with us, her LinkedIn followers have increased by 28%!  

We support Kristy in her offline marketing activity too, by designing promotional collateral and exhibition stands for when she features at industry events all over the world. At her last event, SCCE 2023, Spark Compliance received 142 leads – double the number from the previous year. We created a cohesive booth design, handouts for each of her brands, and stickers for attendees to take home. 

Building community through email

Kristy has ambitious plans for her businesses and is on her way to taking over the compliance world. So, we recommended that she moved onto HubSpot; an intelligent marketing automation and email platform to capture all the data of her customers, followers and fans across the globe.   

Kristy’s emails were already being sent to an engaged audience of 1,400 compliance professionals, but since working with us, her open rate has increased from 6% to 35% (compared to the industry benchmark of 21%).  

Engagement on the content has improved too, as the average click-through rate is 21.6%, compared to the benchmark average of 6.82%. Her email newsletter continues to grow in popularity amongst the compliance community and as it stands, we’ve increased her subscribers by 40% since working together.  

Marketing under one roof

Kristy could have hired a marketing manager instead of an agency, but understands that one person can’t do the job of eight!

By working with us, Kristy gets access to content writers, digital experts, exhibition stand designers, video producers and strategists and doesn’t need to juggle multiple suppliers. It means everything is housed under one roof, and she is safe in the knowledge that all three brands are being taken care of.  

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