Creating a fresh brand identity for SPL Villas

SPL Villas

SPL Villas is a luxury villa holidays company with an impressive portfolio of high-quality villas and a dedicated internal team of travel specialists. With the potential to be a market leader in villa holidays, SPL they were struggling to nail their visual brand and messaging. Naturally, they were aiming to appeal to a wide pool of people looking for a villa holiday but operating in such a competitive space meant that we needed to find ways to stand out.

Looking at the visual brand

SPL was getting ready to make some big changes to their service offering, so it felt like the right time to elevate their brand identity to the same level. 

The colour palette and visuals were starting to look dated, and it was not clear how SPL Villas were different to their competitors. We recommended that the business needed a rebrand with impact to connect with their customers in a crowded marketplace, and the MD agreed to go on the journey with us.

Emotive messaging aimed at a clearer audience

We identified specific audience personas to target, rather than just anyone looking for a holiday.  We discussed the benefits that villa holidays hold for all types of families – travelling with grandparents, friends and as a high-end alternative to the traditional package holiday!

We built out the roles within these family groups, and their emotional motivations. We uncovered universal themes around needing time to reset and reconnect away from busy modern life, and prioritising time together. We used ‘magic’ and ‘escapism’ as the central themes, and composed messaging to connect with the audience on an emotional level.

A refreshed identity

We designed a clean logo and updated colour palette with rich  Mediterranean tones to denote quality, alongside an organic suite of patterns inspired by the countries the villas are located in. The photography style is key to the new brand, and we were keen to move away from typical industry villa shots.

Photography is now selected to capture family togetherness, aspirational views, holiday textures, and snapshots of family traditions – all to reinforce the values that sit at the heart of SPL Villas.

The resulting brand has now been rolled out across the entire organisation and applied to SPL’s new website, and is receiving positive feedback from customers and trade partners alike.

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