A new marketing strategy for an ambitious business

SPL Villas

SPL Villas is a villa holidays company based in Kent. They’ve been around since 2017, originally as Villas We Trust, promoting villas in the Canaries. The company was relaunched in 2020 with loads more villas all over the Med and in Florida. 

When we got the call from SPL Villas asking us to help elevate their brand, it was a bit of a ‘pinch-me’ moment. RedSprout was only two years old at the time, and we never expected to be approached by a client in the luxury travel industry! Winning sexy clients was just something for the vision board back then. All that manifesting and rubbing crystals was paying off. 

A new business with limited marketing resource

SPL initially reached out needing some help to define their target audience. The brand was lacking an identity and clear direction. We connected over growing pains, budget restraints, trying to compete with the big boys… the scrappy nature of a small business life, with everyone getting their hands dirty.  

But SPL is no ‘small’ business. Sure, the team is small. But with over 1,500 villas on their website across Europe and Florida, and an ambitious Managing Director with lots of travel experience steering the ship, we knew SPL would be going places. And we wanted to join them on their journey! Ideally on a villa holiday to Crete. For research purposes. 

We asked Ed (the Managing Director) if we could have a strategy session with him and the sales team. Involving the sales team meant we could truly understand the problems faced by their customers and learn as much as possible about the gaps and pain points within the business. 

After a successful session, Ed emailed to say “I think you guys are the perfect partner for us and will help shift SPL up a few gears”.  

As a small business, naturally, SPL’s budget was limited. We were competing with massive players in the holiday villas space, so we made it our mission to make every penny count. We refreshed their PPC strategy to make it work harder, introduced marketing automation to streamline their sales process and monitored performance every step of the way. 

Shifting up a few gears

Since that initial target audience project, we transformed their sales function and increased team productivity by replacing manual processes with automated comms (like email workflows and live chat). 

We refreshed the SPL Villas visual brand with an updated logo and brand identity to appeal more to the target audience. Lastly, we led the build of a new website to coincide with their visual brand and created video content shot in Zante that formed part of their paid social strategy to help increase conversions. 

What started as a strategy session has turned into a full-blown marketing partnership. We feel part of SPL and we’re one team. We truly believe in their business and their people, and feel honoured to be their marketing partner!

Hear from the Managing Director