Converting a hard to reach audience

StaffCo Direct

StaffCo Direct is a recruitment agency specialising in providing HGV drivers to the logistics departments of some of the UK’s biggest brands. We’ve worked together for three years across a range of different marketing initiatives, including website and social media content and multiple internal workshops, but the biggest project to date has been transforming their approach to email communications. See how we did it through marketing automation using HubSpot.

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Data was gathering dust

Remember the HGV driver shortage after the first lockdown? We were all having things delivered to our homes because we couldn’t go out, and it caused a huge backlog for the logistics industry. Drivers were difficult to recruit; long hours away from home meant that the HGV lifestyle wasn’t for everyone.

StaffCo was sitting on a database of 80,000 drivers who hadn’t been regularly contacted. They needed to figure out the best way to re-engage them and get them to apply to jobs. Their aim was to convert 1% of those contacts into leads, with the goal of an email marketing strategy replacing their £70k annual spend on job boards.

Saying hello to HubSpot

We introduced marketing automation platform HubSpot into StaffCo, and sent weekly emails to 80,000 HGV drivers at the height of the driver shortage.

With 15 branches around the UK, processes were put in place to ensure that whenever a driver submitted their interest, they’d be contacted by their relevant local branch.

We experimented with several call to actions and email engagement techniques to encourage the HGV drivers to get in contact. 

To keep drivers engaged in the email and achieve an 80% read through rate, the content was tailored around the latest news to create engagement and encourage conversation. This was in the form of memes, gif’s and video content.

A dual approach for maximum results

As well as using HubSpot to engage with lapsed contacts, we ran Facebook campaigns to attract new audiences. We targeted HGV drivers though their known demographics, including job titles and interests, as well as location based on the job advertised.

The call to action led to a landing page which the drivers filled out their details and a workflow was set up so their details were sent to the relevant branch manager to contact.

Within six weeks, over 1% of the 80k database was converting cold contacts into hot leads; over 1,000 in total. Over 350 new HGV drivers were registered on top of the existing contacts via the Facebook campaign, which resulted in a £16 cost per contact.

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