Why failed content leads to a stronger strategy

They say all you need to do is create engaging content that cuts through the noise.

Easy, right?

Wrong! It’s harder than it seems. And sometimes, you will post content that won’t hit the mark and your audience won’t engage with it. Cue the tumbleweed.

We’ve seen it happen hundreds of times: people putting themselves out there a few times and don’t think they’re getting anywhere, so give up. It breaks our hearts!

Instead of throwing in the towel, here’s what you can do when you have an underwhelming response to a piece of content…

1. Ask questions

Take a minute to think about why this content didn’t perform as well as previous stuff.

Could it be that you posted at the wrong time? Was the title engaging enough? Did you consider that the content might have been ‘played out’ and people are just tired of seeing the same stuff?

If you’re still stumped, make a note of the subject matter and the details above. Test it again with a similar topic – if it flops again, you’re probably posting content that doesn’t resonate with your audience.

2. Experiment

Try posting at different times, with different types of content. Each platform’s content performs better at its own time, depending on when the audience are most active.

Have you considered whereabouts in the world your most engaged followers are based?

Have you tried repurposing a low performing video into a text post instead?

Have you tested different lengths of text posts?

Make a mental checklist and just test, test, test.

3. Fail fast

When you get over the fear of failing, the world’s your oyster.

It’s easier said than done but try and remove the emotional attachment to your content. It’s a free marketing activity after all, not life or death!

You tried something new – great! You took a risk. If it didn’t pay off, who cares? Your audience won’t judge you and won’t remember. Do you remember posts that didn’t gain lots of traction? Nope! It’s okay. Fail fast and move on to the next idea.

Remember, failed content is helpful for your social media strategy. It means you’re learning more about your audience. And knowledge is power! Sure, it can be deflating. But wouldn’t you rather take risks and be memorable than play it safe and blend in?

If you want advice on how to create an engaging content marketing strategy, get in touch with one of our team today!

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